Tuesday, 18 December 2012

December 2012

Some more photos as the work progresses slowly:

Since the electrics are still being installed, the photos below are all posed. We have even cheated by posing a Q7 and the new Hornby O1 still in OO form whereas the track and rolling stock are EM - but you get the idea!

However Rich's WD has been converted to EM and detailed.

 This little sequence of shots shows an O1 setting off up the bank to Consett, with a Q7 banking. The Iron Ore hoppers should be full, going to Consett (use your imagination). Both locos are also looking suspiciously clean!

The photos of the ore train passing Stella Gill Flatts box show the compromises we have had to make. To model the large NCB shed brings it much too close to the Consett line. To scale it down to make it less obtrusive destroys the classic end on shot of the building seen in so many photos. The jury's still out.

Mark's model of South Pelaw box is coming on very nicely, and will be one of the iconic structures on the finished layout.

Martin has begun the daunting task of building a panel so that we can control the layout. These pictures show the complexity of the control panel for the scenic side. As well as powering the points and signals using servo units, we intend to use the CBUS system developed by MERG to control these and for power distribution around the layout. We are indebted to the North Eastern MERG group for their valuable help in helping us to get to grips with this approach.