Monday, 5 January 2015

Bridging the gap

Here are a few more photos of the layout, showing some of the recent scenic developments and especially the bridges. Although there is still a long way to go with the scenics (ground signals, point rodding, yard lamps, people, several large buildings ... etc.), we feel that we are beginning to capture some of the atmosphere of the place.

First of all a couple of posed (the loco is not under power) shots of a Q7 setting off up the bank to Consett with a train of suspiciously empty looking hoppers. The main development here is the abutments for the bridge, which are now nearly complete.

Another couple of posed shots show a WD waiting its turn to go up the bank, while a K1 waits in the banker's siding.

At the other end of the scenic section the bridge at Stella Gill Flatts is now almost completed. Now someone needs to start thinking about building the impressive gantry that stood here. John Donelly has some great pictures of this gantry as well as lots more information about South Pelaw and the Consett line on his blog describing a P4 version of South Pelaw set in a later time frame than ours --

Meanwhile, the hard work of wiring everything up and setting up the CBUS continues, although it is very exciting that most of it seems to work extremely well first time.

And behind the scenes, the fiddle yard is gradually turning from Templot into reality

Happy new year!

Richard Clayton


  1. Very nice work gents, the photo of the WD and the Stella Bridge are particularly nice. Thanks also for the mention of my site :)

    Keep up the good work.

    John Donnelly

  2. Thanks for your comment John -- we really appreciate your site, as it has become a fantastic repository for prototype photos of the line.