Monday, 26 March 2012

Iron ore hoppers

Recent weeks have seen a heroic spate of activity from Martin, as Dave Bradwell ore hoppers have been transformed from flat etches into 3D models of the real thing -- we are now up to a grand total of 16.5 out of the 18 we need to run two trains of 9. Once you get the hang of them, they are fantastic kits to build because everything goes together sweetly. However, we have had a problem, and that is deciding what colour to paint them. This has been compounded by the difficulty of comparing photos taken under different lighting conditions, with different cameras, in different places (i.e Teesside and Sheffield)! The photos below show some of our results, with a loaded train setting off on the climb to Consett with a full cargo of 9 hoppers.

The colours we have tried include Humbrol rust, Precision track colour, and shades of BR bauxite. Yesterday, we agreed that Precision track colour, weathered with early BR bauxite would be the way forward. Phil also brought some read iron ore from Cleator in Cumbiria, which will make a realistic looking, and realistically heavy, load for them.

We had the whole scenic side of the layout erected yesterday, and it is looking superb, with the sweep of the lines climbing to Consett particularly striking. More photos to come!

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