Monday, 26 March 2012

Towards Stella Gill

Here are a few photos of the Stella Gill end of our layout. This is the area where we have had to compromise. The Stella Gill yard had something like 38 sidings. It collected coal from numerous collieries, served a coke works and was home to a large NCB store. The yard deserves a layout in it's own right. We have had to reduce the space between the line to Consett and the approaches to Stella Gill by curving the six incoming and outgoing sidings. As a consequence Stella Gill Flatts signal box almost backs onto the main line. The latter is built to the correct curve and gradient.

It might have been possible to have the sidings straight but it would have meant baseboards about six feet wide with severe problems trying to gain access to the fiddle yard. The layout is 39ft by 18 ft as it is, so a compromise it had to be.

The first photo gives an impression of the gradient as a supposedly loaded ore train tackles the bank. The second takes advantage of a shaft of sunlight through the window of the hall we were in. Rich's fantastic model of Stella Gill Flatts signal box casts a shadow behind but I think the result is worth it. Like the locos and hoppers, the model of the box is still unfinished.

The final shot shows the degree to which the tracks curve beyond the bridge (a mock-up at present). Please forgive the clutter of tools and materials in these photos.

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  1. Hi,
    Stumbled upon your blog after a search on "Stella Gill".
    Layout looks great, would like to follow you guys on-line. Are you on rmweb or similar?
    Was born up the road in Pelton so anything about 9Fs, the 'Busty Bridge' or Pelton Level would be great to follow.
    Cheers, Steve O.